911 call leads to Eastside firefighters transforming home for Fall City woman

It was a 911 call that led to a recent community service undertaken by the Fall City Fire Department and members of Eastside Fire Local 2878 union – a project that according to Patrick LeDoux of FCFD had a huge impact on the person they helped.

After responding to a 911 call from an elderly Fall City woman, the firefighter who had contact with her discovered she would be need a ramp for mobility when she returned home.

So off-duty Firefighters and on-duty crews (when not responding on an emergency call) coordinated and completed the ramp project, with the goal of making it easier for the woman to get in an out of her home.

The project took about 2-3 weeks and was completed last week. The cost was covered by the Eastside Firefighters Benevolent Fund.

Per the fire department social media post: “Our firefighters enjoyed participating in completing this project. This is the power we have as a group to make positive changes for our citizens in the community we serve.”

Eastside Firefighters Benevolent Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit established in to provide relief to needy persons suffering from poverty, homelessness, and other life situations deserving of charity. It assists the community served by Eastside Firefighters, including Eastside Fire & Rescue, Fall City Fire, Duvall Fire and Snoqualmie Fire Department. The Benevolent Fund can also provide relief for firefighters and their families in the event of a financial difficulty due to an unforeseen emergency situation or disaster.

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