Snoqualmie Child Falls Out Second Story Window

Numerous helicopters were circling Snoqualmie Ridge this evening, May 9, 2013.   They were in the area checking out unconfirmed reports of a child falling out of window in Snoqualmie, which have now been confirmed.

This afternoon, Thursday, May 9th, a 3 – 5-year old child fell out the second story window of their Snoqualmie lindenloopaccidentRidge home on Linden Loop Ave.

According to the City of Snoqualmie media contact, Joan Pliego, the child woke from their nap and went to the bedroom window.  Snoqualmie Police Captain, Nick Almquist, said the child opened the window and fell out, 12 feet onto the family van below.

Pliego said the mother grabbed the child and went to a neighbor who is a Snoqualmie Police officer.  He/she was taken to a local hospital and appears to have sustained no life-threatening injuries.

Captain Almquist commented, “Amazing, I know.”

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