New Orthodontist Office Opens | Snoqulamie Valley no Longer a One Orthodontist, Kid-filled Place

For the 15 years that we have called Snoqualmie home, the family centric, fast-growing Snoqualmie Valley has been a one orthodontist kind of place, with numerous local families seeing Dr. Kirby Nelson or traveling to Issaquah for treatment plans that often require frequent office visits.

But this past month that changed. There’s a new orthodontist in town.

For the past year, Dr. Brandon Johnson worked to lauch his orthodontics practice – and picked a Snoqualmie location for Snoqualmie Valley Orthodontics, which opened its doors in the Kimball Creek Professional Center (across from the Snoqualmie Fire Station) this month.

A Bellingham native and outdoor enthusiast, Dr. Johnson landed in Snoqualmie after graduating from the University of Washington; attending dental school at Boston University; and then earning a master’s degree and completing his orthodontic residency at the University of Colorado. He calls orthodontics both his profession, and passion.

Snoqualmie Valley Orthodontics Office Manager/Treatment Coordinator (and Snoqualmie resident) Becky Spencer said “Dr. Brandon” is excited to be part of the Snoqualmie community and looks forward to participating in community events.

Becky described her boss as very personable, likable and feels he will be a great addition to Snoqualmie Valley area.

To find out more about the Valley’s newest orthodontic practice, visit According to the website, Dr. Johnson is currently accepting new patients and is also running a ‘new office’ promotion –  $500 off comprehensive treatment.

Good Luck Snoqualmie Valley Orthodontics!





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