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Special SVSD School Board Meeting Tonight – Let's Play "Decipher The Agenda!"

Don't let the title fool you.  I am not picking on our school district.  I am just having a little fun with subject matter that, let's face it, many consider a little dry. On tap tonight at the SVSD District … [Read more...]

Mount Si And Little Si Trailheads And Trails Closed Through Tuesday, February 28th

Removal of airplane wreckage will continue continue over the weekend.  The Mount Si and Little Si trailheads and trails will remain closed through Tuesday, February 28 while crews work to remove the wreckage of … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Valley, Is A 9th Grade Campus The Only Solution Or Possibly Part Of A Broader Solution?

I've been thinking a lot lately about education in the valley.  I've progressed to a point of regularly attending school board meetings; something I never thought I'd do amidst the chaos of raising 4 kids.  … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Falls Harnesses The Power Of River Flooding

The Snoqualmie River made it to a phase 3 flood this afternoon and then began receding.  As far as floods go in Snoqualmie Valley, this one was fairly tame.  Only a few city roads were closed.  Those roads … [Read more...]

NOAA Issues Flood Warning For Snoqualmie River

In response to heavy rain, warmer temperatures and a melting snow pack, NOAA issued a Flood Warning for the Snoqualmie River near Snoqualmie Falls and Carnation.  Moderate flooding will happen tomorrow, … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie YMCA Adds New Valley Kindergarten Enrichment Option For 2012 School Year

In Snoqualmie, a city where 35% of residents are under the age of 18, any new early education program is welcomed, especially among working parents.  Kindergarten enrichment is in big demand around Snoqualmie … [Read more...]

Possible Flood-Producing Rain Heading To Snoqualmie Valley Tomorrow, February 21st


Cascade View Elementary School Physical Therapist Named February Teacher Of The Month

Snoqualmie Valley Macaroni Kid has picked its February Teacher of the Month: Cascade View Elementary School Physical Therapist, Claudine Fairchild.  This is an amazing story and nomination letter.  I hope it … [Read more...]

Small Plane Crashes Into Mi Si Overnight

**  Updated 12:30PM:  The City of North Bend says to expect low-flying helicopters over the Snoqualmie Valley area this afternoon from 12PM - 2PM.  The plane crash victims will be moved by helicopter to the … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Valley School Board Hears Public Outcry And Leaves Kindergarten Model Intact

In a time of tight budgets and never-ending cuts, SVSD administration presented the Snoqualmie Valley School District School Board with a creative cost-cutting option, changing from everyday half-day … [Read more...]

State Cheer Competition Illness Outbreak Affects Nearly 200 Statewide

Update to Tuesday's Story.  From the Washington State Department of Health:  "Preliminary survey results show at least 192 reported illnesses around Washington during or after the state high school … [Read more...]

Proposed Changes to Snoqualmie Valley's Kindergarten Education Model Creates A Buzz

Oh, kindergarten, I remember it well with each of my four kids.  As a parent it's a big life step - for both child and parent.  It's the first step into the educational system that takes a child through high … [Read more...]

Mount Si Cheerleaders Sickened After State Cheer Competition At Everett's Comcast Arena

**  Update: 2/8, 5:45PM:  Comcast Arena is undertaking a deep cleaning of all areas in accordance with the CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines, as a preventative measure before its next event this … [Read more...]

SVSD High School Class Attrition Rate: The Missing Piece In The Enrollment Projections?

If you look at SVSD enrollment projections contained in past yearly Capital Facility Plans (CFP), you will notice more often than not, 6-year high school enrollment projections have been high compared to … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Sunday Morning Giggles: "I've Been Pranked"

There's nothing like a windy night to hide the noise of some busy high school pranksters.  Yes, Mount Si students were at it again last night, only this time the target was my house. I will admit, it was a … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Valley, Do We Help High School Programming By Negatively Impacting Middle School Education?

If SVSD annexes Snoqualmie Middle School to Mount Si before we have a replacement middle school, are there negative impacts for our middle school students?  Yes, Snoqualmie students will have long bus routes, … [Read more...]