Snoqualmie Middle School Annexation – Stuck Between a Rock and A Hard Spot

It was fall 2010.  For a few years, SVSD enrollment was on an up-tick.  In 2007 and 2008, three separate bond attempts to add a second high school failed.  Mt. Si High School was still growing.  Enrollment … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Valley School Board Redistricting Plan Voted On Tonight, May 26th

SVSD's original redistricting proposal hit the internet on April 22nd.  Suffice to say, that proposal was not well received.  The plan's opposition voiced its displeasure at a public comment meeting on April … [Read more...]

Reminder: Revised School Board Realignment Proposal Public Meeting Tonight, May 18th

The Snoqualmie Valley School District unveiled its latest School Board Redistricting Proposal on its website yesterday.  You can see it here: revised_director_boundaries There is a SVSD School Board work … [Read more...]

Revised Snoqualmie Valley School Board Redistricting Recommendation Update

It was a marathon 3+ hour school board meeting last night - with school board redistricting being the very last agenda item.  I was glad I chose a cushioned chair. The SVSD School Board made it very clear they … [Read more...]

SVSD Revised School Board Redistricting Recommendation Public Comment Meeting Postponed

For any of you hoping to see SVSD's Revised School Board Redistricting Recommendation... well, you are going to have to wait.  Sorry. From the Snoqualmie Valley School District website yesterday, May … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Does NOT Get Its Own School Board Director Districts

In a plan unveiled today by SVSD, Snoqualmie's population will now be divided into four parts and added to 4 of the 5 current school board director districts - instead of getting its own districts.   What does … [Read more...]