Snoqualmie Affordable Housing project – Panorama Apartments – going up at brisk pace

Back in June, crews were just starting to frame the first buildings of a new, large affordable housing project in Snoqualmie Ridge. A lot has changed in 3 1/2 months.

It took approximately nine months to complete site prep work – including clearing, grading, constructing large retaining walls and infrastructure installation – but in just three months, all but one building of the 191-unit Panorama Apartments affordable housing project appear to be framed.

The development is located on Frontier Ave in the Eagle Pointe neighborhood of Snoqualmie Ridge – and is not very visible from the street – but the vantage point from the back parking lot of Snoqualmie Valley Hospital gives a better [visual] perspective of the size and scope of the project.

Panorama Apartments – a subsidiary of DevCo, Inc, which built Discovery Heights in the Issaquah Highlands – consists of 10 buildings, all will be 3 to 4 stories, with the taller buildings located on the bottom of the sloped land parcel. The upper buildings, closest to the existing single-family homes, are the smallest. City officials say that was an effort to blend with the neighborhood.

The complex also includes 316 parking spots (295 open and 21 garage); a leasing office; an indoor recreation center; and outdoor recreation space. In its initial project application, In its initial application, Panoramas said apartments would vary in size and include one to five bedrooms floor plans. 

All apartments will be affordable for those earning up to 60% of King County average median income (AMI), which in 2019 was $108,600 for a family of four. Typically, each size apartment comes with a maximum income level and an established maximum rental rate depending on the apartment and family size.

See 2019 King County AMI and Rent Limits from ARCH below.

According to City of Snoqualmie Community Development Director Mark Hofman, Panorama Apartments estimates they will begin an interest list and provide [income] qualifying information approximately 60-90 days prior to attaining a certificate of occupancy for the first units. Hofman thought they would a better idea of the exact date for that milestone in November.

The City of Snoqualmie does not own the development and will not be the leasing agent. However, the city said it would add interested individuals to a list that it would share with the developer’s leasing agent. To be added to the list, please email

Panorama Apartements architectural site plan for proposed Snoqualmie affordable housing project


  1. Ivy Ostendorf says

    Any updates on when they’ll be accepting applications? I’ve tried reaching out on all platforms with no response.

  2. michele C minga says

    I very much need and want to be on the list to live here. Please help me with this. Thank you so much

  3. Kimberly Houck says

    I will need a place in 6 months >June 2020< please email me if i can be added to the list. I currently work on the Ridge and really need a more affordable housing.
    Thank you
    Kimberly Houck

  4. Priscilla Bonneau says

    I’m desperate.56 ,female,alone,blood cancer,multiple other disabilities,living in brothers basement.Have to move soon.Had to sell vehicle.On partial disability.Need to apply for Full.Belongings in storage.My Drs recommended you because they are close at Snoq Hosp.I’m praying for a home that is safe and secure.I won’t survive on streets.Please consider my sitiuation.I’d love to live around positive,hopeful people in a community of those who Care.IThank you.

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