Republic Services Cancels North Bend Garbage & Recycling Collections for January 12th Due to Union Strike

Republic Services informed the City of North Bend this morning that it would not be able to service customers on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, due to a temporary work stoppage/strike led by out-of-state union members.

Customers missed may put out extra amounts on their next scheduled pickup day. 

This latest strike-caused cancellation is unfortunate timing as it follows weeks of missed collections due to recent snowstorms. The City is aware this has created a hardship for many residents who may now go four weeks without garbage, recycling and yard waste collections.

The City is demanding that Republic Services provide monetary discounts to City of North Bend customers for December 2021 and January 2022 invoices, credits to the local dump transfer stations, and/or reimbursements of spent money at local transfer stations.   

Residents are advised to retain any receipts if they choose to take their solid waste to a dump/transfer station. The City will be requesting that those costs be reimbursed to you.

We will provide updates as we receive additional information from Republic Services regarding continued collection cancellations.

Please visit the North Bend Republic Services website for additional info at

Republic Services can also be contacted at 206-682-9730 for residential customer service and 206-682-3037 for commercial customer service.

The City thanks residents for their patience.

[Information provided by the City of North Bend]


  1. Does this include Fall City and Snoqualmie as well?

  2. can we please switch to Waste Management …they are much better. We had them for 20 years at various places and never had a problem

  3. As someone who has fallen victim to Republic’s San Diego strike, all I can say is to make sure that you make alternate arrangements to get your trash collected because ours hasn’t been picked up in 4 weeks now and has become a health hazard.

  4. Timing really sucks, but still backing the Teamsters!


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